As the Lord of the Sea and God of Storms, Mathlann is patron to sailors and explorers, and is prayed to by Elves about to embark on a voyage or seeking new lands. He is also prayed to by the loved ones of those Elves who are abroad so he will bring them home safe and sound. Mathlann is one of the main Gods worshipped by the Elves in Marienburg.[1a]

Overview Edit

Mathlann is a fickle god, distrusted by many of Ulthuan's folk. He is the King of Storm and Sea, ruler of all those who dwell below the waves, and has little love for any of dry land's creatures. Only the mariners of Cothique and Lothern have any love for the Lord of the Deeps, and they embrace him as patriarch far more willingly than they do Kurnous or Asuryan. Such behavior is disapproved of in other corners of Ulthuan, where tradition portrays Mathlann as a destructive deity, but such scorn has little impact on those Elves whose lives and livelihoods rely on safe passage of the open seas.[3a]

Black Ark Corsairs revere Mathlann most highly. In part, this is simply good sense -- any Elf who spends so much of his life upon the waves is well-advised to ensure he remains in good standing with the King of Storm and Sea. However, the Corsairs also feel a kinship with Mathlann that transcends mere worship, for they too are a force of destruction that strikes without warning from calm seas, bringing ruin to fleets, ports, and coastlines.[2a]

Source Edit

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