Maximilian has excellent taste in just about anything with aesthetic qualities. He has turned this into a highly successful business, providing fine art, furniture, and design services to the upper classes. His taste in food and drink is merely good, though he has a fine eye for its presentation.[1a]

He is also a noted patron of scholars, young wizards, and, occasionally, adventurers, which is what makes him part of the circle around Lord Frederick.[1a]

Maximilian expects others to treat him with utmost politeness, but he is rather brusque with them. Being rude would be boorish, and Maximilian is never that, but people should be left in no doubt that Maximilian thinks they rank far lower than him on the social scale. He isn’t unwilling to help his inferiors, but he does expect them to be appropriately grateful.[1a]

Maximilian had an affair with Klara Roban a number of years ago. He knows that she feels terribly guilty about it and is very reluctant to bring it up, but he will if convinced it is important.[1b]


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