Meissen Map
Vital statistics
Inhabitants Humans, Dwarfs
Type Small Town
Location Old World, Empire of Man, Wissenland
Population 700
Allegiance Elector Countess von Liebwitz
Industry Silverware, Ore, Trade, Agriculture
The biggest port on the middle Söll and the terminus of the trade road from Karak Norn, Meissen is a bustling, prosperous town. Meissen is famed for its works in silver, and its goblets, tableware, and jewellery are in high demand over much of the Old World. Under the direct rule of the Elector Countess, Meissen is the only town in Wissenland she regularly visits, including the official capital of Wissenburg! She comes to survey the works of the town’s master craftsmen and crafts-Dwarfs, often buying the best pieces for herself.

Meissen is also the site of a fortified smelting house and treasury where silver ore is smelted into ingots, which are then stored for use by the Silversmiths’ Guild. The building, of Dwarf construction, is heavily fortified and guarded.


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