Mirror Vampires are a kind of Daemon, not Undead, which causes inexperienced vampire hunters much confusion. They can enter the world when summoned through mirrors and are eager to come out to drain the blood of more living creatures. They are less keen to return to the Realm of Chaos, but most spells used to summon them only allow them into the world for a fixed length of time, usually a matter of minutes.[1a]

The Mirror Vampire is invisible in the real world. However, it does have a reflection. The reflection appears as a floating cloud composed of pale faces screaming in agony, constantly boiling in and out of existence. These faces are the faces of the monster’s victims.[1a]

Simply attacking the space occupied by the Mirror Vampire in the real world is futile, and does no damage. However, if the attacker and Mirror Vampire are both reflected in the same mirror, and the attacker aims by looking in the mirror, all attacks do normal damage.[1a]


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