Mistwalkers of Yvresse

The Mistwalkers of Yvresse

The Mistwalkers are rangers who patrol the valleys and hills of Yvresse, longbow and sword ever-ready to repel the Daemons who lurk within the magical mists.[1a]

Since their inception by Moranion of Athel Tamarha, the Mistwalkers have recruited from the sons of nobility, rather than the citizen levy. Many of Yvresse's current reigning princes saw their first battles from within the Mistwalkers' ranks and honed their steely nerve in battle against the daemonic horrors of the shrouded hills.[1a]

The Mistwalkers are not an official part of Yvresse's armies, but still owe fealty to the Warden of Tor Yvresse. No other prince knows the full truth of Yvresse's plight – that the kingdom is held from ruination only by the deeds of the grey-garbed Mistwalkers.[1a]


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