Guild master of the Mining Guild, Molatok Nokinson is a no-nonsense Dwarf who has served the organization well. Unbeknownst to the guild, Molatok is one of the leaders of a secret society known as the Brotherhood of the Forked Beard, a group of Dwarfs completely disgusted with what Karak Azgal has become. They abhor the rampant commercialism and all the non-Dwarfs prancing about the ruins. They believe all the treasure hunting is dishonouring their ancestors. Their goal is to ban all non-Dwarfs from entering the ruins and instead make plans for the Dwarfs to make a concerted e ort to retake the hold.[1a]

Using his skill at mining, Molatok secretly built an entrance to the ruins under the Mining Guild. The Brotherhood planned to use this entrance to retake sections of the hold in secret, but so far, none of their forays have been successful.[1a]


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