Paymaster's Bodyguard

A Money Lender behind the Paymaster and his Bodyguard

In the Warhammer world there is never any shortage of merchants willing to lend money to ambitious mercenary captains. Rates of interest vary from merely extortionate to downright blood-curdling. The borrower must provide collateral in the form of castles, estates or family jewels, and should the unfortunate debtor prove unable to cough up, his whole family is likely to be sold to the slavers of Araby to settle the bill. Wily merchants have developed sophisticated banking systems to cope with the demand for money, and have grown fat, rich and unpopular in the process.[1a][1b]

A Dogs of War army can include a Money Lender as part of the Paymaster's entourage. The Money Lender is always placed next to the Paymaster where he will fight if necessary, though quite honestly he isn't very good at it and would prefer not to! His purpose is to lend the Paymaster money to increase the pay of the troops and encourage them to fight harder.[1b]


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