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Greenskins morglum

Morglum Necksnapper

Morglum Necksnapper was the leader of the mighty Necksnapper tribe of the Dark Lands. In 2488 he led his forces across the World's Edge Mountains and defeated a large Bretonnian errantry army which had been methodically cleansing the northern Badlands of greenskins for several years.

As the Bretonnian duke and his surviving knights galloped frantically out of Death Pass towards the setting sun, pursued by hordes of Goblin Wolf Riders, Morglum Necksnapper made his famous pronouncement "Let 'em tell da King. Da east belongs to da Orcs. Da east belongs to Morglum. Da east is green."

Aided by his second-in-command, Oglok da 'Orrible, Morglum later united with the Orc Warboss Gorfang Rotgut to attack Karak Azul. The greenskins briefly took possession of the Hold and captured many of King Kazador's kin.

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