Realm of Chaos by Geoff Taylor Warriors of Chaos

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Morkar the Uniter was the first Everchosen of Chaos.


In the distant past Morkar managed to raise a large army and, with the blessings of the Dark Gods, he was entrusted with the task of making the world a permanent portal of Chaos. The four great Chaos Gods blessed him and made him his champion. For this, they sent the Daemon Prince Be'lakor to crown him. The state of servitude in which the daemon is forced to live makes him put the Crown of Domination in Morkar's head, becoming the Great Chosen of Chaos.

Later, Morkar undertakes a massive war from the Chaos Deserts leading an army of mortal warriors, beasts and demonic beings, but in the end is defeated with great effort by the ancient races. After his death, his magic armor becomes one of the great treasures of Chaos, in which part of his spirit resides.

Canon Conflicts

Games Workshop generates contradictions with respect to the era in which Morkar lived and who was the hero who defeated him, giving us two different versions.

Aenarion Version

Around -4500 I.C., during the first invasion of chaos, Morkar led a large horde of demons, warriors and howling beasts against the island of Ulthuan. Its objective was to destroy the Temple of Asuryan and extinguish its sacred flames forever. However, at that time Aenarion emerged from the temple after being blessed by Asuryan and placed in command of the Elven army to face it. Next to the walls of the temple Morkar fights Aenarion, but the Phoenix King killed him with his spear. After that, Aenarion picked up Morkar's sword, and used it to destroy the rest of the followers of chaos.

Sigmar Version

During the time of Sigmar, Morkar led a great army of Chaos to destroy the southern lands and the nascent Empire. Sigmar faced Morkar in a battle that would determine the destiny of the world. The battle was compared to that between the gods, but in the end Sigmar made a mortal blow, destroying Morkar and ending his raid.


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