"Once I rode over these fields as lord and master to my people. The land was ours for as far as the swiftest horse could travel in a three day run and it was good. When the fierce ones from the north came upon us, I was ready for their savagery and beat them soundly. When the Greenskins sought to despoil our lands I drove them back. There was no tree that I did not know, no rock that I hadn’t trod over. My people prospered and so did I. All things wax and wane, in time. My beard grew long and grey. I lay down to rise no more, content that my people would be well without me, yet I told them with my dying words that if they or our land had need of me I would return. My people are gone now. The land has changed beyond my recognition. I do not know this place, these fields, these trees; only the rocks of my tomb remain as they were. But the fierce ones still come from the north, there are still Greenskins to be driven forth and I find that I have no mercy left in me for those that have disturbed my rest."
—Sharu, Barrow King

Mummies are made from the corpses of ancient warriors that were wrapped in funeral linens and embalmed to prevent decay. Many of the oldest civilizations of Humans, most notably those of Araby and the great southern empire of Nehekhara, interred their dead in such fashion. With the rise of the Great Necromancer Nagash and his cursed art, many of these preserved dead were disturbed from their rest and animated. Unlike the more mindless Undead, such as Skeletons and Zombies, Mummies always have a will of their own. Indeed, their will is so strong they can command lesser forms of Undead to do their bidding. The few Mummies that dwell in the Empire are content to lie still in their sarcophagi until something disturbs their rest.

They swiftly crush anything that stirs them from their sleep before returning to their tomb. There are a few, though, that retain the agendas they had in life, which can make them terrible foes. They are usually armed as they were in life. Weapons and armour that have survived untarnished down the long ages with a Mummy are doubtless magical.


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