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Warhammer Nagarythe

Banner of Nagarythe

The Kingdom of Nagarythe, also known as the Shadowlands, is a dark and desolate region, but was once the greatest of the Elven kingdoms. Here, the first Phoenix King once held court, and it was here that the greatest battles against Daemonkind were won. That desperate struggle hardened and embittered the folk of Nagarythe, so that other Elves came to regard them as a cruel and bloodthirsty people. After Aenarion's death his son Malekith inherited the kingdom. When Malekith rose against the rightful Phoenix King, he led his warriors in a savage and destructive war. Nagarythe was destroyed and many of its people fled with their evil master to the cold lands of the New World.[1a]

They became the Dark Elves — evil kin to the High Elves of Ulthuan. Today, what little remains of the once-proud Kingdom of Nagarythe is treated with fear and distrust. It is uninhabited but for wanderers and beasts. The great fortress of Anlec, from where both Aenarion and Malekith ruled the proud people of Nagarythe, was destroyed during the Sundering. Since that time, the Dark Elves have repeatedly attacked, attempting to reclaim their ancient kingdom, but each time they have been repelled by the High Elves. The ruins of Anlec have been refortified, fought over, and cast down again more than once, and even today they draw the Dark Elves back to the lands of their ancestors. Some whisper that more Elves have died fighting over Anlec's ruins than anywhere else in Ulthuan.[1a]

Sources Edit

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