Neferata, the Vampire Queen of the Lahmia Sisterhood and the Fortress of the Silver Pinnacle

Neferata, which translates to "Beautiful Death" in ancient Nehekharan, is the self-proclaimed Queen of Lahmia, the Queen of the Silver Pinnacle, the First of the Vampires, and the founder and head of the Lahmian Sisterhood. Queen Neferata is one of the most ancient and powerful Vampires to still exist within the world of today, owing much of her success to her own seductive beauty, a cunning demeanor and a secret network of exquisitely beautiful, female Vampire spies that has since infiltrated the aristocracy of all the Human kingdoms of the Old World.

Siting upon her luxurious throne within the former Dwarf fortress-city of the Silver Pinnacle, Queen Neferata had, since the time of her exile from the lands of Nehekhara, been plotting and weaving a web of intrigue and alliances from all the remaining Vampiric bloodlines, hoping to unite or enslave them under her rule as she seeks to reinstate the City of Lahmia to its former glory, rebuild the Temple of Blood and reinstate herself as the City's eternal Queen.


Neferata, then Neferatem, was the daughter of King Lahmizzash of Nehekhara, and as a girl, she expressed a wish to join the Mortuary Cult. Her father laughed at her and explained that women could not join the priesthood and, indeed, could never learn magic. Instead, she was destined to rule the City of Lahmia when she came of age.

Under the malign influence of High Priest W'soran, one of Nagash’s spies, she used this position to save some of the Great Necromancer’s works from the pyres and studied them herself. With these works and W’soran’s aid, she distilled the Elixir of Life, and they became the first Vampires. They cast the priests out of Lahmia and replaced them with their own cult dedicated to Nagash, based around the Temple of Blood. Not all the people of Lahmia appreciated this. After all, it was Lahmia that first rebelled against Nagash. When the people rose up against Neferatem, she emerged at the head of her court of Vampires to destroy the rebels utterly.

Neferata ruled Lahmia alone for many decades, until a relative of hers called Vashanesh, who was also of Nagash’s blood, brought news that General Setep had ousted her family from the throne of Khemri. Vashanesh had been a commander in Setep’s army and knew much of tactics; Neferata gave him the Elixir of Life and made him her king, much to Abhorash’s jealous dismay. But even with Vashanesh, Lahmia could not stand against all of Nehekhara when the holy war finally came. The Temple of Blood burned, and Neferata and her court fled to Nagashizzar.

Nagash made the Vampires his soldiers, under the command of Vashanesh. Now it was Neferata’s turn to be jealous of him. Her years of worship were repaid with nothing. Nagash made her his vassal and commanded her to attack his enemies like a dog. The anger towards men she had felt as a youth forbidden from joining the priesthood resurfaced. When Vashanesh fell and Nagash’s control was broken, she fled to the north, determined to never again take orders from a man.

Moving amongst the primitive men of the fledgling nations of the Old World, she planted her spies, her network of sisters-indarkness who have secretly influenced the Humans since the earliest days. Raising an army of the dead, she took the Silver Pinnacle from the Dwarfs in a single night, an act that earned her the title “Queen of Evil” in the Book of Grudges.

Her home is built in the style of Lahmia, littered with objects saved from its fall. She has a new court composed of the Undead, foolish mortals under her spell, and her cats. Here she lives a life of hedonism and plotting. Hidden behind seven veils, she pulls the strings that will one day put her in control of an army of Vampires to take back the Land of the Dead and enthrone her as its queen.

Neferata still looks like the beautiful young woman she was when she ruled Lahmia, though her sunless existence has given her pure white skin, and her eyes have turned yellow. Long black tresses frame an exquisite face that is still capable of inspiring worship, though it is incapable of expressing pity.

Magic Items

  • Aken-seth, the Staff of Pain[2d]


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