Nethu, the son of Ereth Khial, is the gatekeeper of Mirai, the Elven Underworld. It is his task to see that those souls claimed by the Pale Queen remain sealed away until the hour of the Rhana Dhandra -- the last battle of the gods. It is also Nethu's duty to see that no intruder breaches the Mirai to steal away the secrets of the dead -- at least, not without offering a suitable tribute to the Pale Queen.[1a]

In this, the Keeper of the Last Door is aided by a host of Dark Pegasi, who watch unblinkingly from the battlements of his dark fortress, easily mistaken for statuary by the unwary. When roused, none are safe, for their shadowy maws consume soul-stuff as easily as mortal flesh.[1a]

As a door keeper he keeps a ring of silver keys on his waist. It is said making the sigil of Nethu on a piece of property belonging to an elf will gradually sap away at their soul until they waste away and Dark Elves think it is hilarious to sneak into the bedrooms of High Elf officials and put the sigil under their beds so Nethu will nab them away. They did this to a High Elf Loremaster of the White Tower once and despite weeks of searching were unable to find the one responsible.

Source Edit

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