"You get used to uncertainty in war -- you know that as soon as a fight starts, plans and order are going to fail and disintegrate anyway. You never quite get used to Night Goblins Fanatics or Squigs hurling themselves around the battlefield though."
—Stemahr Holst, Empire Soldier[2a]
Night Goblin Fanatic

A Fanatic ploughing uncontrollably through a Skaven regiment of Clanrats

Night Goblin Fanatics are those crazed Night Goblins whom have foolishly drunk deep from a mug of the rare and deadly Mad Cap Mushroom, turning the Night Goblin into a crazed maniac who swirls around the battlefield as unpredictable shock infantry equipped with massive chained Iron-balls. Usually, the creation of the rare Mad Cap Mushroom brew is often administrated by the tribes Night Goblin Shaman, whom are both practitioners of magic as well as expert brewers and cultivators of a variety of mushroom species. Once a drought of this deadly brew is consumed by a Night Goblin, the first indication of the brew taking effect is when the creatures eyes begin to bulge and his whole body has an uncontrollable urge to begin spinning.[1a]

When used against the enemy, the Night Goblin Fanatic is held down by his mates until an enemy unit approach close enough for them to launch their attack. At this time, the mob hands the fanatic the end of a massive chain and chucks him in the direction of the enemy. Free at last, the deranged Night Goblin would spin crazily. After the initial shove, the Fanatic has no directional control and will recklessly plough through anything, including both enemy troops or even his own regiment. Eventually, however, a Fanatic will stumble, throttle himself with his chain or simply collapse, dying in a maniacal and convulsive fit. Extremely few have ever survived their experience as a fanatic, and through it all, those Fanatics that have met their end bears a look of self-satisfaction upon their tongue-lolling face.[1a]


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  • 7th Edition.
  • 6th Edition. (Whirling Death)
  • 6th Edition. (Whirling Death)


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