The Night Market, though never found, is a real place in the minds and imaginations of Nulners. Believed to be a congregation of all the foul and twisted Mutants ever spawned in the city, the tales are used to frighten naughty children, and the place and its inhabitants are blamed for all the ills in the city. Whenever the council passes a sketchy law, a new plague surfaces, or a cannon misfires, the people blame the Mutants. This is for good reason, too. There really is a place called the Night Market and it does indeed sprawl far beneath the city, below, even, the tunnels used by the Skaven to infiltrate the city in years past. But the Night Market is more than just a band of Mutants—it is a large and powerful cult of Slaanesh, comprising the idle heirs to Nuln’s aristocracy.[1a]


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