The Norse tongue is a complex language with over a dozen tribal dialects. Structurally, it bears many similarities to Khazalid, the language of Dwarfs, but it’s corrupted by the intrusion of words from Old Reikspiel and the Dark Tongue. Essentially, Norscan uses a small sample of root words and creates new words by adding prefixes and suffixes and creating compound words out of simple ones. What makes this language difficult to learn is that each tribe joins different words to define the same thing. A southern tribe might call a bear a bee-wolf (bee for honey, wolf for shape and appetite) while a northern tribe, where bees simply don’t exist might refer to bears as waterwolves, since the bear snatches fish from mountain streams. To master this language, one must not only learn the basic words but also be able to understand the implied meaning when the words are joined together in the context of where they are spoken.[1a]

Source Edit

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    • 1a -- pg. 144

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