The Nosantra, Mannfred's Lieutenants

Mannfred selected most of his lieutenants on desire that they should, on no account, prove a danger to him. As a result, very few had enough in the way of wits to escape the disastrous battle on Grim Moor. Those who remained possessed either the raw brute strength to fight their way clear, or more good sense than Mannfred had suspected. Mannfred had marked the latter group upon his arrival, and had resolved never to underestimate them in the future - if any in the Dead and Buried survived to see one.[1a]

The Nosantra include Karkanoth, a Strigoi Ghoul King; Brachanasta, a Varghulf; and Zaphaniah, Igorin, Bastarno, and Marja, each of which were also Vampires.[1a]


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