Nurgle Plaguecrusher

Nurgle Plaguecrusher and Deathgalley

Nurgle Plaguecrushers are bizarre-looking vessels. They are loosely based on a Wargalley's hull, but have a huge siege tower sticking up from the central deck, built from whatever rotting and diseased timbers can be found.[1b]

The Chaos Cultists that serve aboard these vessels are protected by this tower from grapeshot and arrows as they close with the enemy fleet. Once in range, the slime-dripping Plague Catapults mounted at the top of the tower lob their filth-laden missiles high towards their targets, spreading disease and pestilence wherever they strike, be it a high target or any on the vessel, depending upon which type of vessel they strike.[1b]


Plague CatapultsEdit

Plague Catapults are the principle weapons on board a Plaguecrusher. They are loaded with plague-spores, excrement, rotting material and the infectious filth of decay. When fired, these disgusting weapons swing through a lazy arc and despatch their foul, diseased payloads towards their enemy.[1a]


  • Nurgle Plaguecrushers
  • Nurgle Plaguecrusher


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