Nurglitch, Arch Plaguelord of Clan Pestilens

Nurglitch I was the first of the Plague Lords of Clan Pestilens, and was responsible not only for their ascension as a clan and their seat on the Council of Thirteen, but also for the corruption that gnarls their bodies and marks their souls.[1a]

Nurglitch is accompanied by his attendant, Bilios, and rides atop the gigantic mutant rat Nurglitch simply calls Pox. So great is the aura of vileness around Nurglitch that he causes great fear in his foes. Such is his passion for all things putrid that Nurglitch is not only constantly hateful of all enemies, but also is perpetually in a state of frenzy that inspires others to do the same as well.[1a]

Nurglitch carries the Grim Ague, a horrible disease that permeates even the air that he breathes. However, this disease does not have any effect on red-crested skinks. Each member of Clan Pestilens that has headed the Clan has taken the name Nurglitch as a sign of respect to their original leader.[2a]

Magic Items

  • Censer Bilios and Nurglitch both carry censers that leak unholy gas with the same effect as the warpstone vapours of a plague censer.[1a]
  • Bubonic Sphere This unremarkable-looking sceptre throbs with the essence of every disease indigenous to Lustria. The Bubonic Sceptre can be used to inflict vile contagions on Nurglitch’s enemies.[1a]


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