Tyrant Ogre Kingdoms 6th Edition Miniature

Ogre Tyrant with a huge club.

Almost every Ogre, be he Bull or Tyrant, carries a club about his person somewhere. These clubs range from simple hardwood boughs to banded, studded and spiked bludgeons as brutal-looking as their wielders.[1a]

The reason for the popularity of this ubiquitous weapon is, of course, culinary: clubs and bludgeons are ideal for killing prospective meals without spilling smelly blood all over the place on the journey home. After all, Ogres appreciate succulent meat as much as the next ten-foot killing machine.[1a]

Ogre clubs are an example of the race's crude ingenuity, for although they are blunt instruments that are simple in design and function, they are all 'improved' by their bearers. Some are topped with rocks or curved blades, or strengthened with chains. Other clubs have their 'sweet spot' - the part that hits with the greatest force - enhanced with bound iron, knobby metal protrusions or even the teeth of one of the many enormous monsters that Ogres like to hunt. To use a mere unadorned tree bough in battle would be a bit embarrassing. These simple upgrades are indicative of all Ogre-built items, from their machines of war to the skin huts they set up at their camps. The Ogres' quick and ready ability to use natural resources, mixed with whatever scrap or war detritus is on hand, has come from their roving ways and the inhospitable terrain in which they periodically settle.[2a]


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