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Oleg von Raukov

Oleg von Raukov, Prince of Ostland and a proud Warrior of the Empire

Oleg von Raukov was the fearsome Prince of Ostland and the heir apparent of Valmir von Raukov, the Elector Count of Ostland before Oleg's untimely death at the hands of Lord Mortkin in 2513 IC. Like his father before him, Oleg was a mighty and proud warrior of the Empire who embodied all the traits of a natural leader. He has shown much of his father's own personality, such as his father's love for battle and his unbelievable hatred of all the northern raiders of Norsca. His valiant and headstrong Ostlander nature would eventually led Oleg to one of the most daring raids ever conducted by the Province of Ostland.

As the Empire became victim to a series of raids from the lands of the North, the Empire began a mass mobilization for an upcoming Chaos invasion. Led by Count Valmir von Raukov and his eldest son, Oleg von Raukov, the province of Ostland girded itself for war. Valmir von Raukov, a war-like man by nature, had suggested the unthinkable -- to launch reprisal raids into the unholy lands of Norsca just as Sigmar himself had done in ages past. With a new, massive army of mustered state-troops, Valmir led the raids in 2513 IC, putting several coastal towns of Norsca to the torch. Valmir's raids, for all their bluster, did not manage to penetrate very far inland, and were primarily contained to the Norscan coastline.

Oleg had perhaps exceeded his father in that regard, having destroyed many settlements along the Norscan coast as well; among them were the coastal Norse towns of Aarvik and Ulfennik. Valmir and his heir returned late in the year with the carven prows of longships and the beams of a greathall to mark the destruction of seven major Norscan villages. However, Lord Mortkin launched a retaliatory invasion against Ostland in the hopes of burning down the fortress-town of Volgenhof as payment for the destruction of his childhood home of Ulfennik.

It was during this battle that Oleg von Raukov and his personal regiment of Master Swordsmens known as the Crimson Curs fought against Mortkin and his elite Fel Legion in combat. Thrice did Oleg strike Mortkin with his magic blade, a gift of great power from the Ice Queen herself. Three strikes that would have obliterated any lesser man several times over did not even register on the hulking form of the Norscan king. Having easily weathered the smaller man's attacks, Mortkin drew his axe.

With a single strike that could have slaughtered a Giant, Mortkin smote Oleg von Raukov, whose body crumpled and was blooded beyond all recognition. Although mortally wounded, the valiant and determined Oleg struggled to rise up and continue the fight. Mercilessly, the Chaos Lord smashed him back down to the ground and crushed the life out of him with his heel. Thus Oleg von Raukov, the heir to the Province of Ostland, had been slain by the Black-Iron Reaver. His death was not in vain however, for with his mission accomplished, Lord Mortkin simply allowed himself to die at the hands of the Imperials, for he no longer had anything to live for anymore. Without his leadership, the Chaos invasion was halted by the arriving Imperial reinforcements, with Lord Mortkin having been slain at the hands of the Crimson Curs. As the town of Volgenhof burned to the ground, the body of both Oleg and Lord Mortkin were never found again.

Source Edit

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