Order of Mysteries

The Order of Mysteries is a Verenean order based somewhere in the University of Altdorf. It is dedicated to finding lost tomes and artefacts. They are utilised by the cult in general, and by clients from outside the cult who wish to locate legendary objects.[1a]

This involves much research, but also, unusually for Vereneans, much fieldwork too. The order has at its beck and call some of the finest minds in the Old World. What they have in common is a willingness to travel, get their hands dirty, and face unspeakable dangers, all in the name of intellectual study and discovery. Because of the nature of their work, the Order of Mysteries often comes into direct opposition with the Witch Hunters. A lost item interesting enough for the Order of Mysteries to be concerned with might also hold a reason for the Templars of Sigmar to take an interest.[1a]

Overview Edit

The Order of Mysteries is one of the few formal organisations within the Cult of Verena. The order is dedicated to the recovery of lost and forgotten lore, and uncovering suppressed knowledge.[2a][2b]

Sometimes this search takes place in the depths of musty libraries, other times in distant ruins or haunted tombs. The danger posed by its quest leads the order to frequently ally with Light Wizards and adventuring parties. The majority of adventuring Verenan priests are members of the order, or at the very least in its employ.[2b]

The Order of Mysteries publishes an infrequent journal detailing its expeditions and findings, called The Mysterious Volumes. Although the journal was intended to help spread knowledge amongst Verenans, and other interested scholars, it is often used by adventurers looking for danger and riches, as the order is renowned for leaving obvious treasures behind in favour of highly prized tomes.[2b]

The order acknowledges that it does not publish all of its findings, as not all knowledge is suitable for public consumption. However, in accordance with the strictures of Verena, such knowledge is always made available in the order’s libraries for trusted and diligent scholars to find it.[2b]

The high priest and founder of the order is Manfred Archibald, who is also the high priest of the temple of Verena in Altdorf.[2b]

Source Edit

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