Order of the Fiery Heart

The Knights of the Fiery Heart is one of a number of martial orders in the service of the temple of Sigmar. They are an elite cavalry unit of Sigmar Templars, dedicated to the destruction of all goblinoids. Together with the Order of the Fist (a secret sister order) they make up the Order of the Holy Knights of Sigmar. They are the personal guard of the Grand Theogonist, Aldred Fellblade‖ Keppler. The Fiery Hearts have a long and glorious history, dating from the civil wars when the Cult of Sigmar was outlawed in Talabecland. Also a member of this order was a one time companion of Gotrek and Felix.

The Knights of the Fiery Heart, based in Altdorf, are the foremost of Sigmar’s Templar orders. It is the Order of the Fiery Heart who guard the Great Cathedral to Sigmar, and the Grand Theogonist himself. The Knights have a long tradition of sending members to aid the Dwarfs in times of trouble, and many a Knight has found honourable death in the depths of the Dwarf Holds. Ferocious and zealous, the Order possesses a hatred for Greenskins akin to that of the Dwarfs. The commander of the Fiery Hearts is Cleric Captain Adrian Hoven.

They wear white surcoats and barding and carry white shields. They use red hearts as insignia on their shields with black maltese crosses mixed in.

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