Ottilia I
Vital statistics
Full Name Ottilia Untermensch
Reign 1360-???
Predecessor Mandred Skavenslayer
Successor unknown
Noble House Untermensch
Seat of Power {{{Seat of Power}}}

Ottilia I was the first of the Ottilian Emperors, starting the Age of Three Emperors. After the election of her rival, the Grand Duke of Stirland, she gave the Ar-Ulric fallacious "proof" that the Cult of Sigmar was founded by a madman. After seeing this, the Ar-Ulric agreed to support her and she declared herself rightful empress without election. She then completely banned the Cult of Sigmar from Talabecland in retaliation for the Grand Duke of Stirland (an obvious pawn of the Grand Theogonist) extracting high taxes from the Cult of Ulric. Then, she declared war on Stirland.


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