Imperial justice is swift and merciless. It is no wonder then that so many flee the watch and take on the life of the Outlaw. The hills and forests are full of Outlaw bands. It is a precarious existence, as they must deal not only with Roadwardens, Soldiers, and other agents of law, but also the dark denizens of the wilds. While many Outlaws are nothing more than common thieves, robbing coaches and caravans, others claim to champion the peasantry and fight for “justice not law.” As long as the Outlaws confine their attacks to the rich, the Peasants aid them with food, information, and places to hide. This support, and the rough terrain Outlaws use for their bases, makes them difficult for the state to deal with. Local Nobles often resort to the use of Bounty Hunters to end their bandit troubles.[1a]


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