"Back at the College they called me crazy. We’ll see whether I’m crazy or not. They said it was too dangerous, and they spoke of the monster said to have demolished Castle Wittgenstein. Have you never wanted to do something dangerous, to risk tearing down the heavens for one look beyond the moons and stars and Morr’s black veil? If you’ve ever been alive at all, you have.

"I'll show them. My methods are sound and follow the strictest principles of natural order. Frith! Fetch the electrical fluid!
—Abrogast Breuburg, Necromancer[1a]
Patchwork Men Warhammer Fantasy RPG 2nd Edition

Patchwork Men are the monstrous creations of Necromancy, stitched together from pieces of multiple corpses and then reanimated like a Zombie. Unlike Zombies, Patchwork Men possess a semblance of self due to the use of well-preserved brains in their creation. More often than not, this results in the creature going berserk and attacking his creator, but if the creature is controlled he can be turned into a kind of uber-zombie, capable of controlling other Undead in the Necromancer’s absence.[1b]


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