The peasantry makes up the preponderance of the Empire’s population. While the Nobles rule and the Burghers trade, the Peasants toil. They are farmers, labourers, herdsman and hunters. In times of war, many fight and die for the Empire. Some peasants seek a better life in one of the major cities, but many find themselves simply joining the ranks of urban beggars on the verge of starvation. A way out from the toil of the peasantry is found in imperial service, joining the professional ranks of the armies as state troops or the Imperial Navy. In so doing they gain full time employment and a boost in status in exchange for the dangers of active service. The majority of the peasantry spend their whole lives in the village or town they were born in, surrounded by varying levels of hostile country and only occasionally getting news of the outside world. While they are provincial and superstitious, the Peasants are the heart of the Empire.[1a]


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