Pegasi (singular pegasus) look like magnificent white draft horses with elegant feathered wings. Their coats sparkle under the sun in a manner reminiscent of light playing over new-fallen snow.

They are wild beasts, capable of staving a soldier’s head in with a well-placed blow from one of their hooves. While they seldom take to the ground, preferring the sky, when they do they are swift runners. Pegasi that haven’t been battle trained are far more likely to fly away then fight, except when their foals are in danger.[1a]

Though the Pegasus looks much like a winged horse, it is cunning and intelligent beyond the measure of any ordinary steed. They are social beasts that live in great herds, and can most commonly be found in the Grey Mountains. They are also a prolific race, and there are herds scattered across the four corners of the world, where they prefer to nest in high plateaus and mountain ranges. They are some peculiar offshoots of their kind that are worth further note, such as the Dark and Radiant Pegasi.[2a]

Pegasi are primarily sought after as steeds for noblemen and sorcerers, for they are loyal beasts that seem to anticipate their master's every move. Wizards often seek to bind Pegasi to serve as either beasts of burden or scouts. When properly commanded, a Pegasus can cover vast distances at great speed, and whilst it lacks the voice to communicate that which it has seen, there are many simple cantrips that allow a wizard to share his servant's vision.[2a]

Famous Pegasi Edit


  • 7th Edition. (Pegasus - Miniature Model)

Source Edit

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