Phar Tomb Kings 6th Edition Black&White Illustration

King Phar wielding the Flail of Skulls

King Phar of Mahrak was considered one of Settra's greatest rival, the only man who willing and victoriously stood fast against the might of Khemri's legion throughout his reign before dying of old age. When Settra first began his domination of the Kings of Nehekhara he faced fierce resistance from rival kingdoms. Under his skilled generalship, Settra's armies were able to conquer all opposition before them, until they marched east through the Valley of the Kings. Word had spread of Settra's coming and one King was determined to defy this all conquering army. Under his rule the lands around Mahrak had been scoured clean of the greenskin menace and the city had prospered. An arrogant and proud leader, King Phar deemed himself too important to bow down before any mortal. He was able to ambush Settra's force as they marched through the Valley of the Kings, preventing the army from taking his beloved city.[1a]

For decades his people held out, besieged many times by the armies of Khemri and, even with his dying breath he cursed the name of Settra, remaining the only King who refused to pay him tribute. Finally, with Phar's passing, Settra's armies were able to conquer Mahrak and the last free city of Nehekhara fell under Settra's rule. Phar was amongst the first of the Kings to rise from his eternal slumber. Upon awaking, such was his fury that his successors had bowed down to the lineage of Khemri that he broke into the tombs of his descendants as they woke. Ordering their pyramids toppled, he dragged their mummified corpses from their resting places, burning them and shattering their charred skeletons with his mighty Flail of Skulls. Even in death, King Phar continued to fight against Settra, and his Undead legions waged war against all who tried to subject him to their will.[1a]

The End Times

Tomb King Phar of Mahrak must not be mistaken with Phar of Numas, another King who, along with Prince Dramkhir (his 5th son) and King Ramssus of Bhagar led the legions of Numas and the Skeleton Chariots and Necrolith Colossi of Bhagar against Krell - first on the marshy banks of the Blight Water River and then on the Salt Plains.[2a]

As for this King Phar, nothing is heard of him. By the time Nagash travelled to Mahrak and took control of the City of Decay, only four Tomb Kings remained there - Nebwaneph, Obidiah, Omanhan III and Bhemrodesh. The first was the most powerful and had been seduced by the power offered by Nagash, turning against Bhemrodesh and submitting Omanhan to the will of the Great Necromancer, while Obidiah was devoured by Nagash on his arrival to the city. It's likely Phar had marched abroad to confront the Undead armies invading Nehekhara and thus couldn't intervene in this coup.[2b]


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