Phar of Numas Tomb Kings End Times Colour Illustration

Phar of Numas was a Tomb King of the 2nd Dynasty of that Nehekharan city. He was known to loathe Imrathepis, the Crimson King of Numas.[1a]

King Phar was an angry and wrathful ruler. He typically fought from atop a chariot, as befitted his royal status, although he was known to take on the field on foot when he wanted to confront a particularly hated foe face-to-face, adding his own might to the rank and file.[1a]

During the End Times, he joined Tomb Prince Dramkhir (his 5th son) and King Ramssus of Bhagar to confront the Undead armies of Krell - first on the marshy banks of the Blight Water River and then on the Salt Plains north of his realm.[1a]

When his armies were defeated by the intervention of the Morghasts raised by Dieter Helsnicht, he retreated on his royal chariot - it's not clear whether he returned to Numas or joined the defence of Khemri.[1b]


Tomb King Phar of Numas must not be mistaken with Phar of Mahrak, notable rival of Settra before and beyond death.


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