"I ‘eard Goldkopf got ‘is fifth cross! I don’t believes it! They says you ‘ave to do the von Walfen job for that uhn, and theres no way Goldkopf got in there! ‘Ave you seen the size of ‘is ... walls?"
—Hugi the Hand, Altdorfer Thief[1a]

The Pilgrimage of Fingers is a religious event for the Cult of Ranald.

Unlike members of other major cults, devotees of Ranald have no distant shrine to shuffle towards, no far-off oracle of obscure knowledge, no foreign temple of majestic importance. Instead, Ranald’s priests urge his cultists to pursue a very different journey: The Pilgrimage of Fingers.[1a]

Exactly what this entails varies from city to city, even from priest to priest. The only thing they all share is that eight tasks, one for each finger, must be accomplished to reach the end of the pilgrimage. As each increasingly difficult task is completed, the Pilgrim is allowed to tattoo a cross somewhere on one of his fingers. Few, it is said, ever secure more than four crosses.[1a]

As Ranald is the patron of many different aspects of Empire life, including gambling, thieving, business, and more, the path each pilgrim walks may be very different. However, one thing all pilgrims can be sure of: at one point, they will have to gather a great deal of material goods, and fast.[1a]

Source Edit

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