Warhammer Plague Deacon

A mighty Plague Deacon reciting words of foul sorcery

Plague Deacons
are those Skaven within Clan Pestilens that are possessed of the unique ability to conjure foul sorcery by their own means. Though the Grey Seers are regarded as the ultimate authority on the doctrines of the Horned Rat, Clan Pestilens embraces the Lord of Decay aspect of the Skaven god. Exploring all things involving the slow destruction and rotting of the world, a few of their number dabble in the magic granted by their master. While in theory such power is divinely granted, the fact is that it employs the same Dark Magic used by the Grey Seers, but is instead focused on matters of disease. These Deacons are the initiates of these arts, taking the first steps towards a darker understanding of their foul horned god.[1a]


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