"We call them La Souriscarle, these fever-rats, who brought the Mal Rouge—the Red Death—down upon us. We lost so much to them, the souls of many great knights and the beauty of our great countryside as well..."
—Jacque Bicheau, Bretonnian court scribe[2a]
Plague Priest

A Plague Priest leading his brethrens to war

The Plague Priests of Clan Pestilen occupy the highest and most senior position within the Clan, just below the Plaguelords themselves. These lords of pestilence guide their foul brothers in the eternal pursuit to create the greatest and most horrific virulent disease known to all Skavendom and use it to weaken the surface world for their final apocalyptic invasion. It is the Plague Priest who stoke the righteous fury of the younger Plague Monks, teaching them litanies of hate and breeding intolerance for all customs outside their own. Loyal and fanatical, these ratmen are singularly devoted to their holy cause.[1a]

Within the workings of Clan Pestilen, each member does not seek individual wealth for themselves, but instead are utterly and insanely focused on their masters work. It is the diseased, but devoted Plague Priest who enforce this harsh discipline. Under the guidance of the Plaguelords, the Plague Priest are responsible for leading daily rituals meant to record and monitor the newest strain of virulent diseases that are forced upon not just captives, but even other Skaven and the Monks themselves. Indeed, their own specially made diseases are not feared, but accepted as a blessing to these fanatics.[1a]

To them, being a living and walking altar of contamination is the strident goal of every Plague Priest, who themselves lead by example. As such, each Plague Priest is given the duty of ensuring that the Cauldron of a Thousand Poxes, an ancient and evil artifact stolen from Nurgle himself, are never empty, but instead brim over with many new diseases ready to be unleashed upon the world. When the Clan goes on a holy crusade, the Plague Priest are the ones who would lead their brethrens to war. Claiming to be given sorcerous abilities by their malevolent god, the Plague Priest are able to unleash many spells of corruption and pestilence upon their enemy, vomiting out geyers of black death or cursing the enemy from afar so that he may erupt with blistering boil. When the outcome of the battle has particular importance to their clan, a Plague Priest might even sanction the building of a Plague Furnace to accompany the brotherhood on their divine mission to destroy all who oppose them.[1a]



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