Plagues and disease are all too common in the Old World, and finding cures, or at least temporary abatement from their symptoms, is a constant hope of the pitiful masses. For every effective cure, there are a dozen more that do absolutely nothing but enrich the pockets of the charlatans that make them. The servants of Nurgle have an intimate knowledge of the effects of almost every disease imaginable, including ways to cure them—if they choose to blaspheme. They have created this substance as a way to bring others into loving Nurgle’s embrace.[1a]

This smooth, creamy balm has a surprisingly sweet and delicate scent. In truth, Plaguesooth Balm is made from a variety of herbs, flowers, and the fat of those that have perished from Neiglish Rot. Any disgusting bits are removed to make it appear more medicinal.[1a]

Those that create plaguesooth balm are almost always Priests of Nurgle, who sell the balm to the unassuming and desperate before moving on. A single vial of Plaguesooth Balm contains enough for five applications before expiring. Although expensive and difficult to make, those that sell it do so for a paltry sum (typically 3 p per vial) to further spread Nurgle’s blessing.[1a]

Plaguesooth Balm is so named because of the relief that it offers to victims of various flesh-destroying diseases, such as the Green Pox, Kruts, and Scurvy Madness. When applied, the balm immediately numbs the affected area, freeing the victim from pain or discomfort. This relief completely negates the symptoms fro a multiple of ten hours—it does not cure the affliction, it merely numbs the symptoms. Once this time elapses, the pain and discomfort return just as harshly as before. Users can develop a mutation over the course of the next week after taking the balm.[1a]


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