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Preyton 2

Preytons are a savage and hateful breed of creature that haunts the forested lands of Bretonnia. So renowned is their ferocity that sighting of Preytons will draw knights from many miles around, seeking to prove their valor by slaying the beasts. Mighty and winged creatures of Chaos, hybrid in form like the Chimera, Preytons bear upon their vaguely equine heads a pair of blackened and serrated antlers which have caused foolhardy knights to mistake them for majestic Great Stags, much to their error. The beasts, possessed of a dark cunning, will lure such knights into the depths of the forest before revealing their blood red eyes and rows of savage fangs when they leap forth from ambush to rend and tear their prey. Only there, where there is little chance of escape, will it finally reveal its deadly form and attack the unsuspecting warrior.

Little is known of their origins, but dark legend has it that this terrible hatred was born long ago when Beastmen Shamans created them in horrific rituals, enslaving and corrupting Great Stags before sacrifice-strewn herdstones. Bereft of their once noble nature Preytons now know only an all-encompassing hatred for that which they have lost, driving them to rend and kill with terrible malice. Even their own wounds bring them a twisted sense of satisfaction; instinctively realizing that only in death will their torment end.

Additionals Edit

Endless Malice: While their appearance is truly vile, it is the legendary malice of the Preyton that makes them particularly dangerous. Corpses mauled beyond recognition and tracts of forest befouled and trampled betray their presence, the savage creature often discarding the torn ruin of their victims to rot, killing out of pure hatred rather than hunger.

Consuming Hatred: The Preyton despises itself almost as much as its foe.

Offense: Teeth and claws and horns

Defense: Flight and a thick hide… though to be honest it doesn't try that hard to avoid injuries.

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