Warhammer Prophetess of the Lady

Prophetess of the Lady

Experienced Grail Damsels are called Prophetesses of the Lady, or Grail Prophetesses. These Damsels have the power to foretell the future and provide counsel to the highest nobles. Some Prophetesses travel Bretonnia, giving counsel to many different people, as they see fit. The highest of the Lady’s servants is the Fay Enchantress. The Fay Enchantress spends much of her time in Bretonnia and can be found at the Royal Court for all major events. Her authority is greater even than the King's, for with a single word she could deprive any King of his crown. Her personal supernatural power is also immense, far greater than even the Grail Prophetesses’. The Fay Enchantress is apparently immortal, as the same person has apparently filled the role since the foundation of Bretonnia. Some believe she is actually an avatar of the Lady herself, but the Fay Enchantress has always denied this when asked.[1a]


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