Warhammer Prophetess of the Lady

Prophetess of the Lady

Experienced Grail Damsels are called Prophetesses of the Lady, or Grail Prophetesses.


These Damsels have the power to foretell the future and provide counsel to the highest nobles. Some Prophetesses travel Bretonnia, giving counsel to many different people, as they see fit. Other than the Fay Enchantress herself, the Prophetesses are the Lady's most favoured devotees, and have long served their divine mistress faithfully. Potent spellcasters all, their magic can dramatically affect the outcome of any battle.[1a][4]

Prophetesses, much like the Sacred Lakes that dot Bretonnia's landscape, possess the ability to bless a knight's weapons and armour. These fearsome weapons are particularly lethal when used against unholy beings, such as the followers of Chaos and the Undead.[2][3]



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