"You were so magnificent when I found you, the biggest in your litter, and they were all large before you ate them. I raised you, I fed you the best dwarf-meat and man-flesh. And you have become even more magnificent. Such courage. There is none other like you, Queek. You are unnaturally brave. Others think you freakish for leading from the front, not the back. But I do not. I am proud of my Queek."
—Warlord Gnawdwell, Lord of Clan Mors[5a]
Queek Headtaker

Warlord Queek, the legendary Headtaker

Warlord Queek Headtaker, is the legendary and much-feared Lord of the City of Pillars, Great Warlord of Clan Mors and the personal right-claw of Warlord Gnawdwell, the one and true Grand Ruler of Clan Mors.[1a] Queek has been groomed by Gnawdwell from the moment of his birth to be the ultimate warrior, provided with the best armour and weapons, protecting him from the other Lords of Decay, and also staging assassination attempts to keep him on his toes.[3a] Queek is an uncommonly bloodthirsty and egotistical warrior whose need to conquer even the most impossible challenges has since earned him an infamy amongst the annals of Skaven history as the legendary Headtaker, the Dwarf-Smiter, the greatest Warlord to have ever graced the tunnels of Skavendom.[1a]

Queek's temper is infamous amongst both his enemy and allies, having fought, defeated and survived almost every challenge that was thrown against him. Upon his trophy rack consists of the heads of all those that have challenged Queek in the past, such as the head of King Krug Ironhand of Karak Drazh, Warlord Ikit Scratch of Fester Spike, Warlord Sleek Sharpwit of Clan Mors and the hand of Baron Albrecht Kraus of Averland amongst other noteworthy challengers.[2a][3a]

Within his powerbase underneath the once majestic stronghold of Karak Eight Peaks, Queek had been fighting a never-ending war of attrition against the battle-hardened Dwarf armies of King Belegar Ironhammer and the Greenskin hordes of Warlord Skarsnik. A powerful warrior in his own right, Queek's deeds have since garnered him the respect of the Orcs, the fears of the Goblins and the eternal hatred of the Dwarfs.[3a]


"Who is Queek? Queek is warlord here, not grey ones from far away. He claim he come from Council. He claims his good intent, but Queek is not stupid-slow, Queek know grey seers and their treacherous ways. White-fur will never be warlord here! He is never free of Queek’s sight. Queek sees him always."
—Queek Headtaker, showing his supremacy over the Grey Seers[4b]

Queek, like many Skaven before him, was born unto this world within the many Breeding Pits owned by the burly warriors of Clan Mors. Queek's litter was born large and black-furred, a sign that these Skaven would grow up to be true killers within the violent and unstable society of their Clan. However, Queek was by far the largest of his lot, and in time, he eventually devoured his own brothers even before he opened his eyes or fully grew out his fur. Seeing great potential within Queek, Warlord Gnawdwell personally took Queek under his wing and trained him extensively to be his new protegee. As such, Queek was given the finest luxury that can be afforded by a Skaven of such high status.[4c]

He was given the best food, the greatest arms and armor, and was hand-reared by Gnawdwell personally to become the ultimate warrior. When Queek grew to be 4 years-old, the young Skaven has arisen swiftly through the ranks and earned himself a string of victories to his name. The majority of Queek's exploits have always been in the tunnels, lairs and caves beneath the surface of the Worlds Edge Mountains. The Warlord's fame grew exponentially as word of his deeds and conquest spread across the length of the Under-Empire.[4c]

The Deeds of the Headtaker

"Dull! Boring! Queek see hundreds of thousands of millions of skaven in his life. They all the same. Furry faces, pink noses. Some die, all die. There are always more. What need mighty Queek see all rat-faces?"
—Warlord Queek Headtaker, inspecting his troops[5b]
Skaven Queek

Queek in his younger years

His first major exploit was his daring attacks against the Greenskin stronghold of Black Crag, where he personally slew Big Boss Morglum Blacktooth in combat. Morglum would later become Queek's first trophy amongst many others that is to follow. It is said that the severed Orc head whispered instructions on how to find "Dwarf Gouger", an ancient magical spiked-maul forged during the time of the Goblin Wars many centuries ago.[4c] At the time, Queek was still a mere Chieftain, but it was widely believed that he led the attacks that claimed the Night Goblin lairs near the ruins of Black Crag for the glory of Clan Mors. Having first pick of the spoils, Queek took Dwarf Gouger as his own signature weapon.[3a]

Queek would later lead another assault against Warlord Ikit Scratch and the traitors of Fester Spike. Demonstrating a greater degree of his otherwise inept cunning, Queek was able to trick Warlord Ikit into thinning his battle-line just as Queek personally led the spearhead straight into the heart of Fester Spike. The head of Ikit Stratch would later be placed upon another spike within Queek's growing trophy rack.[4i] Thanks to his many deeds and growing infamy, Queek would later be promoted by Lord Gnawdwell, replacing the once also legendary Sleek Sharpwit as the new Skaven Warlord of the City of Pillars. For many years afterwards, Queek fought a never-ending war of attrition against the armies of King Belegar and the hordes of Warlord Skarsnik.

Queek would later make another appearance upon the Skaven assault against the Dwarfs of Karak Angkul, where he was convinced by the deviously cunning Grey Seer Thanquol to attack the Dwarf Hold while it was left undefended.[6a] Queek and his army attacked without any major opposition until he was blocked by a newly assembled army in the next upper deeps. Queek, not taking failure so lightly, forced Thanquol to summon forth Verminlord Vecteek into this plane of existence to help him win this battle. The ritual ended in utter failure, as instead of summoning forth a Verminlord, Thanquol summoned the Bloodthirster Skarbrand instead. Even for a warrior as fearless as Queek, the Warlord could not beat such a monster, let alone even face it, and instead called it quits and hastily left the battlefield.[6b]

His latest exploits includes Queek being given command of an invasion horde of nearly a hundred-thousand strong, a force meant to destroy the great stores of powerful runic weapons within the armories of Karak Azul. Needless to say, despite the best efforts of the old and grizzled Warlord Sleek Sharpwit and the deviously pious Grey Seer Razzel, Queek's headstrong nature resulted in a disastrous defeat.[4h] Yet, out of the clutches of defeat, the deviously cunning Sleek Sharpwit have managed to string a series of events to his own benefit, leading Queek towards Black Crag where he hopes to instigate a war between the Orcs and the Dwarfs of Karak Azul.[4j] It was from there that Queek not only battled and survived an encounter with the legendary Gorfang Rotgut in single combat, but he also had the chance to lure the entire army of Karak Azul into a pitch battle. With the entire weapon stores of the hold given to this costly battle, Queek had achieved the mission given to him, and upon his trophy rack laid a new addition to his own collection. Knowing about his scheming, Queek sought out the old Warlord and make him pay for his manipulation. Warlord Sleek was able to, with the aid of Warpstone, fight the Headtaker to a standstill before the grizzled Warlord gave in to his tired old age. Sleek's severed head is now one of Queek's most prized possessions, so much so that Queek can still be seen talking to the old Warlord, listening to his hard-earned advice.[4q]


"You disappoint me, Queek. To be a Lord of Decay is not to stab and kill and smash all things aside. You lack circumspection. You are a killer, nothing more."
—Warlord Gnawdwell, Lord of Clan Mors[5a]
Queek council

Queek attending his War-council

Queek's personality can be associated to that of a powder-keg; unpredictable and dangerous.[4r] It was said that Queek could not be bribed, that he didn’t care for threats and that he led armies fearlessly from the front. Queek is an unnaturally fearless and bloodthirsty Skaven with an over-flatted ego to match. Queek considers himself the greatest Warlord to have ever lived, as any self-respecting Skaven should. However, unlike many other Skaven Warlords before him, Queek has been known to back-up these claims as willingly as he is to boast them, as shown with the many heads that now decorate his trophy rack. Indeed, Queek has shown an unnatural interest in both finding and fighting the strongest enemy he can find. From massive Black Orcs to Dwarf Thanes and rival Skaven Warlords, Queek has fought and defeated each and every one of them.[4c]

Alongside his infamy as a great warrior, Queek had also earned himself a reputation for madness. Queek has a disturbing affection for his collection of severed heads he keeps upon his trophy rack. Those that would dare to touch his prized possessions have had their wrist cut off by Queek personally. At times, Queek has been seen talking to these heads when nobody else is looking, and at times even when they are, as if the skulls themselves still retain the souls of those he decapitated in ritual combat, giving the Warlord advice on how best to destroy his enemies.[4d]

Although Queek is a magnificent warrior, the Warlord hasn't been readily known for his cunning, if he has any at all. Queek is as thick as he is bloodthirsty, preferring a daring frontal assault rather then to use wiser and more efficient means of attacks. In comparison to other Skaven, Queek dislikes scheming and intrigue of any kind, which is one of the great reasons why the Warlord has a great distrust of the politically-minded Grey Seers.[4h] Even Lord Gnawdwell has expressed his disappointment to Queek's rather inept intellect for things other than fighting, often remarking the Warlord as a dangerous yet blunt instrument.[5a]

Nevertheless, Queek's combat skill, coupled with his immense bravery and fearlessness in battle has granted him many great victories. When Queek goes to battle, he is often accompanied by a retinue of crimson-armored Stormvermin known as the Red Guard, which is led by his second-in-command Ska Bloodtail, an unnaturally loyal and obedient Skaven that is larger than even Queek himself.


  • Dwarf Gouger - Queek wields the magical maul Dwarf Gouger, an ancient weapon forged during the time of the Goblin Wars. The war maul is so powerful that few forms of armor are able to deflect its penetrating blow.[1a]
  • Warp-shard Armor - Queek usually goes to war with a suit of spiked plates encrusted with shards of pure warpstone, protecting Queek from harm whilst also harming those who try to harm him.[1a]


"White-fur? Seers are not to be trusted. Everywhere they scurry, hoarding their secrets, spreading their lies. Who knows what they whisper in distant ears. Is it same as were told to say-squeak? Is it what they squeak in other ears? Queek thinks no."
—Warlord Queek Headtaker[4c]
"Queek is the best! Queek wish to kill green-things and beard-things! Queek wish to drink their blood and rip their flesh! Queek do this for Gnawdwell. This is what Gnawdwell wants, yes-yes?"
—Warlord Queek Headtaker


"Yes-yes! No one dare touch Queek’s trophies. No one touch Queek’s trophies but Queek!"
—Warlord Queek Headtaker


"Yes-yes, whereas Queek the Mighty here. We will win. Nothing else is important. We will destroy. Queek will show the whole world that Queek is the mightiest, the best, the most deadly! We will see what Gnawdwell says about orders then."
—Warlord Queek Headtaker




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