Ratchitt is slowly climbing his way up the hierarchy of the Warlock-Engineers of Clan Skryre. Like other members of his clan, he is obsessed with creating arcane devices that are fusion of dark sorcery and technology. Ratchitt has been only too eager to aid Skreet Verminkin in plundering the Island of Blood, though he has not revealed to the Warlord that this is so he can steal its magical artefacts for himself. Ratchitt fully plans to disposes of Skreet as soon as the items he wants are in his possession.[1a]

Ratchitt's current pride and joy is a heavily modified warplock pistol. He is a good shot and can shoot an opponent in the back from well over fifty yards. In his other claw Ratchitt wields a glaive, whose rune-encrusted blade is fashioned from a stolen Sword of Might. A humming warp generator of Ratchitt's own creation powers both of these warplock-augmented weapons. Ratchitt is inordinately proud of all his devices, and he'll describe them at length to anyone foolish enough to listen.[1a]


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