Ratling Guns

A Ratling Gun weapons-team unleashing a fusillade of firepower.

The Ratling Gun is the latest and perhaps most powerful weaponry Clan Skryre has ever invented, a large multi-barreled death-dealing machine that has the potential to change the very face of warfare in favor of the Skaven race. Though a relatively new design and of highly questionable reliability, the Ratling Gun is nonetheless proven itself so successful that Clan Skryre simply cannot make enough to satisfy the greedy demands of the Warlord Clans. Powered by warp-steam and kicked into gear by the prodigious working of a hand crank, the six-barrelled Ratling Gun would begin to spin before it unleashes its payload of warpstone bullets.[1a]

As is typical of Clan Skryre work, there are a large diversity of different design patterns, including a wheeled variant, one with a small shield, a tri-pod mounted version, and much more. In any case, the Ratling Gun is just as equally deadly no matter the design, but also just as likely to malfunction or overheat like any other Clan Skryre weaponry. As is common amongst Weapon Teams, the Ratling Gun requires two Skaven; one to hold and crank the warp-steam while another aims the gun forward.[1a]


In combat, the Ratling Gun is capable of mowing down an ungodly amount of firepower in an extremely short period of time. A solid barrage from a Ratling Gun is more than capable of single-handedly scythe down a mob of charging Orc Boar Boyz or take down a monstrous Griffon in mid-flight. Few can stop a Ratling Gun once its gun-ho weapons-team is hungry for more carnage. As with other Skaven weapon teams, Ratling Guns are usually deployed as a support weapon for the wave attacks of the Clanrats a situation that is as beneficial as it is terrifying for the Clanrats. Skaven Chiefs will happily order the gunners to fire into the engaged Clanrats if it serves the purpose of killing the enemy, something that the Clanrats all are too aware of. The rapid fire guns are also prone to misfiring or otherwise malfunctioning with unnerving frequency, sometimes with spectularly disastrous results.[1a]


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Source Edit

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