Ravenspears Khaine

The Ravenspears as Morathi's Hunters

The Traitor's Due

Nowhere had Morathi's influence spread so deeply as amongst the dark riders of the northern wastes. The Ravenspears were one of five patrol-hosts meant to be standing sentry north of the Naggarothi watchtowers, there to seek out incipient danger and carry word south to Naggarond. However, when Morathi foresaw the Bloodied Horde's invasion, she suborned the Ravenspears to join her own garrison at Ghrond, thus denying Malekith of warning even as she strengthened her own position. Now the Ravenspears served Morathi, as so many did, out of equal parts fear and ensorcelled love. So profound was the spell that most did not even recall the lives they led before the Hag Sorceress' gaze fell upon them.[1a]

Defence of the Eternal Glade

Ravenspears Archaon

The Ravenspears as part of the Host of Shadow

Information had ever been key to Malekith's rule in Naggaroth. In Athel Loren, his need for accurate tidings had only grown, for he now held dominion over an unfamiliar land, and a fractured people whose loyalty he could never entirely trust. The Ravenspears were the Eternity King's trusted heralds, who rode the hidden paths to bring him word from Athel Loren's outflung realms. They were swift horsemen, but canny with a blade too, for there were dangers on the hidden paths, and not all could simply be outpaced.[2a]


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