The Red Abbey was a Sigmarite monastery perched on the edge of the World’s Edge Mountains, where it was ignored by Vlad during his purge of the priests. The monks considered themselves blessed, protected by Sigmar’s aura of holiness, until Konrad came to power and proved them wrong. They were wrong, not only because some Vampires may tread on the holiest ground but also because they did not realise their piety would not protect them from the Zombies raised by Konrad’s pet necromancers. The monks of the Red Abbey were slaughtered to a man, and Konrad was well pleased with the work. Afterwards, the curse of Sylvania kept the Red Abbey’s inhabitants from finding their deserved rest, and the skeletal remains of the monks still walk its halls whilst the bell tolls the hours without making a sound any mortal can hear.[1a]


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