Deep within the Reikwald Forest lie seven concentric circles of standing stones. The outermost has a diameter of more than a mile and is made up of little more than head-sized rocks, many now displaced or submerged beneath the earth. As the middle approaches, the stones get bigger, until at the very center is a huge black cuboid lump of granite.[1a]

Beastman clans incessantly encroach upon the circle, attracted to it almost instinctively. They periodically desecrate one, or a series, of the stones. Yet they never form settlements there, or hold the area for long. Wood Elves have returned to this part of the Reikwald and they consider the stones their own. But so too do the Jade Wizards, who claim that the circles are older even than the elves. Even High Elves have visited the site recently. Whatever the truth of the matter, the area is important to the Jade Wizards as it sits atop an unusually dense confluence of ley lines and holds great power.[1a]

Rumours circle within the College that the area is visited, either by beings summoned there through the Aethyr, or by mysterious flying creatures. A story goes that one of the creatures fell from the sky, and its body is being fought over by the various camps.[1a]

Source Edit

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