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The powerful Rhinox (plural Rhinoxen) is a large fur-covered creature similar to a woolly rhinoceros, used as a beast of burden by Ogres. Gnoblars construct crude war machines drawn by these beasts and Ogres sometimes use them as mounts. They are pack animals who live in the Mountains of Mourn with the Ogres. Like a horned mountain with legs, the Rhinox is a foul-tempered, enormous beast that can wreak havoc when roused. Being so large, they are understandably strong and resilient, with the coat of fur thick enough to deflect blows. Under the control of their Ogre masters, their focused fury can be twice as devastating. A charging Rhinox rumbles like thunder, and its hooves churn the earth like an earthquake. It takes a brave man to stand against the charge of Rhinox cavalry. Like Ogres, it is quite slow-witted, but when it sees the nearby enemy, it will almost always charge straight at it, crushing to death anything in its way. They were also known to be sold as beast of burden for the caravans that seeks to go through the Spice Route through the Ogre Kingdoms to Cathay.


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