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Rivers of the Empire

The River Reik is the longest river in the Old World - approximately 750 miles from its source in the Black Mountains to the sea at Marienburg. The stretch between Nuln and Marienburg carries more traffic than many of the other rivers put together. South of Nuln, the river is known as the Upper Reik, and here its waters are fast-flowing and clear. Nuln is the last bridging point before Altdorf, for here the Reik is joined by the blue waters of the Aver. Between Nuln and Altdorf, the Reik is up to 200 yards wide and crossable only by boat. Stretches of the Reikwald Forest are dense and perilous but the river is wide enough to offer protection from hostiles along the banks. Only water-borne raiders pose any serious threat, and these are kept in check by regular patrols and the vigilance of the local Boatmen and Lock-Keepers.[4a]

At Altdorf, the Reik is swollen by the confluence of the mighty Talabec, which by this point is itself a huge and sluggish body of water heavily laden with black soil from the Middle Mountains. Where the waters meet, the sediment has formed extensive mud flats and small islands upon which the city of Altdorf stands. A few miles north of Altdorf, the channels reunite into a massive, sluggish body of water navigable by ocean-going vessels. The river is studded with small islands of ancient hard rock, upon which are built many of the fisher villages watermen's inns and other commercial stopping places. For long stretches, the banks remain heavily forested and provide potential ambush sites for river pirates, although most vessels are usually more than capable of defending themselves.[4a]

Cities along the RiverEdit


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