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The Marechal.[2]

The Marechal of Bretonnia is responsible for defending the Marches of Couronne which mark the frontier with Marienburg and the Empire. This is disputed land and much of it is marshy or thickly wooded. It is the scene of many battles with Empire forces and other would-be invaders. The Marechal himself seizes every opportunity to push the frontier a bit further east. Roland leads a retinue of Knights and holds numerous castles, but the the region is not yet large enough or stable enough to be made into a dukedom.[1a]

Magic Items

  • Roland's Warhorn: Roland carries a huge warhorn carved from the tusk of a monster slain by his remote ancestor in the Dark Age of Bretonnia. When blown it releases a mighty spell, driving away flying creatures as if scared by an awesome predator bigger and more ravenous than themselves![1b]


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