Rotgut is a particularly foul spirit made in stills in many places in the Empire. People drink rotgut for one reason only: to get stinking drunk. But distillation is a tricky process, and the results are often unpredictable. Poor rotgut has a 50% chance of permanently blinding the drinker.[1a]

After the recent struggles with the hordes of Chaos, a group of looters came upon a couple of casks of Orc Bitters. Thinking they found beer, they promptly bunged it and helped themselves. Although three of them went blind and one died, the rest had the best time of their lives. Since then, they’ve tried to replicate the recipe. Thus far, their spirits have killed three more people, blinded another nine, and left two comatose. The other fifteen were quite happy. Pretty good results by their estimations.[1b]


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