Bretonnia Coat of Arms

The Royarch is the King of Bretonnia, a Grail Knight of the Lady of the Lake, and a holy-warrior that embodies the very pinnacle of Justice and Chivalry. The Royarch is chosen from either a successor to the original Royal Blood-line or chosen by one of the twelve Dukes of the twelve Duchies. The first Royarch was the legendary warrior and uniter Gilles le Breton, who was crowned by the Fay Enchantress as the first Royarch and founder of the Kingdom of Bretonnia in 978 IC. The current Royarch, Louen Leoncoeur, was crowned in 2500 IC.


  • The term Royarch was coined within the Bretonnian section of the End Times: Nagash book.
  • Royarch appears to be a compound of the French Roi and the Greek Archon, which both translate as 'ruler'.

Sources Edit

  • Warhammer Armies: Bretonnia (5th Edition) -- p. 48, 78
  • Warhammer: Knights of the Grail (FRP) -- p. 30 - 31
  • End Times: Nagash -- p. 37 - 39

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