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The work of the most devoted disciples of the Dwarfen ancestor god Grungni, runic golems are the current pinnacle of a Rune Smith's craft. A chance to create a soldier that will last for generations after he is gone. An artificial ancestor. Though some frown upon such a practice as too close to Chaos, there is no denying the effectiveness of these living killing machines upon the battlefield. 

These unbreakable constructs are forged entirely of Gromril and decked with potent runes of battle, they are able to smash both infantry and cavalry to a pulp. It is said their smoldering emotionless gaze can burn the flesh of an orc from a dozen paces. 


Little else is known about the runic golems. it is speculated that these ancient magical constructs were most commonly used during the time when the Dwarf empire was at it's height. They are quasi lore-friendly units with little official lore around them.