Halfling Symbol
Vital statistics
Inhabitants Halflings
Type Town Assembly
Location Old World, Empire of Man, Mootland
Population 484
Allegiance Elder of the Moot
Industry Agriculture, livestock

Near where the Aver enters Averland sits the village of Sauerapfel, so named for its famous apple groves, which stretch for miles and miles around the village on both sides of the river. Sauerapfel has close relations with Halstedt, the nearest Stirlander town and its primary market. It also enjoys the revenues from its small port, which handles riverboat traffic entering and leaving the Moot.

Of all the Mootish towns, Sauerapfel deals the most with outsiders, and its residents like to think of themselves as more sophisticated than their “country cousins” in the interior, while people in the rest of the Moot tire easily when someone from Sauerapfel “puts on airs.” It is true, however, that Sauerapfel and its environs produce the highest numbers of “adventuring Halflings” of any area in the Moot. When asked why, Sauerapfellers like to wink and say, “It’s to get away from all the excitement here!”

Sauerapfel is also well known for its harvest festival, which has, naturally, an apple theme. The festival is held during Pie Week, and is marked by games and contests, such as pie baking, apple-bobbing, pig jigger, and the infamous “kiss-scrump” (this last tag-like game is the cause of more than one child who doesn’t look like his “father”). Like many festivals throughout the Empire, the Sauerapfel celebration includes people wearing outlandish costumes as a way to poke fun at that which frightens them, such as Daemons, Orcs, and Beastmen. There is a twist here, however: Many of the costumes represent humans, and each costume hides two Halflings, usually with one standing atop the other’s shoulders. (Again, many children are said to be conceived during these sorts of celebrations…). Many costumes bear a strong resemblance to human political figures, especially if they have done anything to irritate the Halflings in past years. The Halflings of the Moot claim it is all in good fun, but the humans lampooned do not find it funny at all.

Source Edit

  • Warhammer Fantasy RPG 2nd ED -- Sigmar's Heirs (pg 61-62).

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