Savage Boar Boy

A Savage Orc riding atop of his raging War Boar with wild abandonment.

Savage Orc Boar Boyz are those mobs of Savage Orcs whom have taken into the battlefield ontop of mighty War Boars, fulfilling the role as lightly-armored shock cavalry for many Greenskin armies. Unlike other Boar Boyz whom have to tame their mounts before riding them, the Savage Orcs takes an entirely different approach in riding their mounts into battle. Instead of traditionally breaking a Boar as a mount before combat, the Savage Orcs prefer instead to stalk and ambush a wild boar and headbutt the beast into submission. Once captured, many Savage Orcs adorn their malodorous mounts with good lucky charms, use dyes to mark out tribal symbols upon their fur's, or push bones through the creatures lips, ears and nose.[1a]

All of this simply makes the already enraged swine even angrier when it wakes up. When not sought for battle, these Boars are left free to roam and forage upon the Savage Orcs tribal territory. It is for this reason why Savage Orc camps are often surrounded by free-ranging boars, who hung around simply to feast upon the piles of food that their Savage Orc caretakers often leave behind or have thrown away.[1a]

When battle looms over the horizon, these Savage Boar Boyz once more subdue their mounts and direct them into combat. Although Savage Boar Boyz wear very little armor, they are still remarkably tough to take down. This results from the Savage Orcs uncommonly thicker skin and the mystical protection of their warpaint. Using their mounts as living battering ram, these Savage Boar Boyz enters the fray with a thunderous crack, and as they enter into close-combat, they become consumed in a frenzy that makes them fight wildly, flailing at their foes with duel-wielded weapons made of crude bones, wood and stone. An unpredictable asset upon the battlefield, they are nonetheless vicious fighters when directed at the enemy.[1a]


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  • 8th~7th Edition.
  • 8th~7th Edition. (Savage Orc Boar Boyz Command)
  • 8th~7th Edition.
  • 8th~7th Edition. (Champion)
  • 8th~7th Edition. (Musician = Drummer)
  • 8th~7th Edition. (Musician = Drummer)
  • 8th~7th Edition. (Standard Banner Bearer)
  • 8th~7th Edition. (Savage Orc Boar Boyz with Spear and Shield)
  • 8th~7th Edition. (Boar Boyz Weapons)
  • 8th~7th Edition. (War Boar)


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